The HGJ Impact

At Homegrown we’re all about creating a community that is inclusive, supportive, and beneficial to all. We know that we can’t do this alone which is why we choose to support organizations fighting for a better world through specific jewelry sales. Read about the organizations we’ve supported through past collections and watch this list grow as we do! Together, we are creating a better future (and wearing cute jewelry while we do it)!


Hope Works

10% of every sale of our Uterus Studs and Necklaces will be donated to HOPE Works in Burlington, VT in order to end all forms of sexual violence. 




Rock the Vote

10% of every sale of our VOTE hoops and studs goes directly to Rock the Vote to support their mission of engaging younger generations in our democracy!



Save the Bees

HGJ was able to donate over $100 to Greenpeace's 
"Save the Bees"
initiative through sales of our bee studs and necklaces!




American Cancer Society

The HGJ heart collection donated a portion of every sale to the American Cancer Society to fund research, support, and the resources families and patients need.