Forever Bracelets

Get your custom Forever Bracelet from Homegrown! Choose from our wide range of chain styles and experience the zap to create your Forever Bracelet. Bracelets range between $40 and $50, anklets between $50-$60.


*Appointments are available in VT

*Pop-up events do NOT require appointments 

So why get a Forever Bracelet? We love them as bestie sets, graduation presents, anniversary dates, and just for fun! It's basically a matching tattoo, but with less commitment😉

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June 1st: Local Maverick NYC Grand Opening Party
185 Greenwich Street New York, NY
June 9th: Dedalus Wine Crush
388 Pine Street Burlington, VT
Celebrating a birthday, bachelorette, or other special event? Book a group appointment and have Homegrown come to you! Email for booking and group prices.
Forever Bracelet



What is permanent jewelry?
Permanent or Forever jewelry is custom fit and welded to your wrist using a quick, easy, and painless process. Because it is welded together there is no clasp therefore making it "forever jewelry". Your jewelry will then stay on until you choose to remove it.
Can I remove my bracelet by myself?
Yes! If you decide that you are ready to take off your forever bracelet simply cut it off with house scissors or visit a Homegrown show for assistance. 
How long will my bracelet last? 
Depending on your lifestyle you can wear your bracelet for YEARS. If for some reason your bracelet breaks/stretches, your first fix is on us.
How long will the process take?
From picking your chain to leaving with your Forever Bracelet, we estimate 15 minutes. Since we operate on a first come first serve basis you may need to factor in additional time to wait in line. 
Is the process safe?
Yes! The tool we use, and the spark you'll see, cannot harm you or your skin at all. We'll be happy to explain the entire process before/during your appointment. 
Can I go through TSA with it on?
Yes, TSA does not require you to take off fine jewelry while going through. Don't worry, we tested it so you don't have to!
Can I shower/swim with it on?
Yes! Both the gold fill and sterling silver options are able to handle water and sweat without tarnishing.
Can I shower/swim with it on?
For pop-up events you do not need an appointment, you can come anytime throughout the event and get your bracelet. If you would like a bracelet but can't make it to an event or you would like to book for a group you can book an appointment by emailing us at 

 Forever bracelet under welder

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